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Energy Dashboard

With initial funding from the Student Campus Greening Fund, the recent unveiling of the energy dashboard culminates a two-year effort to design a system that provides real-time data of electricity consumption in residence halls and energy produced by the new biomass facility.

Developed with the assistance of Temperature Controls of Vermont, the dashboard represents part of a comprehensive energy management system on campus. This system is comprised of web controls (where facility managers can control a building's functions and performance), energy reports (which track input from the driver and where data resides for review and trending analysis), and finally, the dashboard, which streams energy data in real time.

“The dashboard is a valuable tool we can use to track energy use and identify ways to conserve and save energy on campus,” commented Amber Garrard, the College’s sustainability coordinator

The GMC community is invited to interact with the dashboard, which has a small eye-level touch screen and a larger display monitor.

The online energy dashboard may be accessed here.

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