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Sustainability Office

Aaron Witham
Director of Sustainability
Terrace 125, 802-287-8277

Aaron holds an M.S. in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont and a Graduate Certificate in Ecological Economics from the Gund Institute at U.V.M. As a Transportation Research Scholar at U.V.M.'s Transportation Research Center and a Gund Student Fellow, Aaron focused his research on alternative economic approaches, sustainable transportation, energy issues, and climate change. He also holds a B.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Maine at Farmington and studied environmental science for two years at Unity College. His career experience includes serving as the Managing Director of the Center for Environmental Education in Maine and the Interim Sustainability Coordinator of Unity College.

Aaron's environmental ethic grew out of his family's dependence on the land in rural New Hampshire through hunting, fishing, gardening and foraging for food, while harvesting local wood for heat. Later in childhood, he lived in suburban Cape Cod where he saw the effects of sprawl first-hand and a different land ethic. He is very interested in how certain economic policies feed cultures of over-consumption and sprawl, often at the cost of not only environmental health, but human happiness. He enjoys coordinating campus sustainability efforts in order to teach alternative cultures and practice ideas for alternative sustainable systems in the microcosm of a college setting.

José Gálvez Contreras
Sustainable Community Development Outreach Coordinator
Terrace 125, 802-287-8197

José Gálvez is a proud native citizen of La Ceiba, Honduras. He holds a Masters in Environmental Law and Policy with a focus on Climate Change from Vermont Law School. He came to the United States when he was awarded the Make-a-Difference Scholarship by Green Mountain College in 2007 for his enthusiasm, leadership and active involvement in numerous community service projects. These projects ranged from volunteering and organizing programs for the betterment of his city to serving as an English translator for medical brigades. He has also served as the Regional Coordinator and Fall Fellow for Organizing for America. In 2011, he graduated with three degrees from Green Mountain College: a B.S. in Business, a B.A. in Environmental Studies, and a B.A. in Environmental Management.

As the Outreach Coordinator for Sustainable Community Development at GMC, José works closely with faculty, staff, and students and with local citizens and organizations in Poultney. Some of the projects he is actively involved with include the planning and organization of the annual Earth Fair, the Poultney 2020 Revitalization Effort, East Poultney Day, and First Year Impressions (FYI!), among many volunteering and service learning projects in town and the region.

José is passionate about the environment, renewable energy technology, building sustainable communities, human rights advocacy and sacred activism. He wears many hats, from strategic planner to community organizer and everything in-between. He loves to dance, think, and dream about a better future for the world. So, if you see him around campus, say “hi” because he is looking forward to meeting you with a smile!

Nicole Harman
Sustainability Office Manager
Terrace 125, 802-287-8254

Born and raised in Downeast Maine, Nicole has been referred to as a tree hugger most of her life. As a renewable energy and ecological design major with a concentration in sustainable agriculture, as well as a self-design major in sustainable community development and educational outreach, Nicole hopes to combine the skills she learns at GMC to improve food and water access, develop inexpensive green energy for developing countries and the rest of the world, and educate today’s youth about the issues that matter most.

As Sustainability Office Manager, she manages the recycling crew, coordinates student outreach, and assists students with sustainability related projects. As well as working in the sustainability office, Nicole is the president of the Sustainable Living Floor and the public relations officer for the Student Campus Greening Fund (SCGF). She is interested in the design of social structures in both developed and undeveloped countries and how they can be redesigned to run more sustainably.

In her spare time Nicole loves to cook, contra dance, plant seeds, and sing songs.

Cheyanne Stone
Events & Communications Specialist

Cheyanne Stone was born and raised in Meriden, Connecticut. Throughout her life she always showed great interest in the environment and nature. In high school she was the president of the ecology club and recycling team. At GMC she is studying Natural Resources Management and minoring in Animal Studies. Cheyanne is persuing goals to improve forestry, plant and animal conservation while on campus and plans to continue doing so in her future.

Brooke Hallock
Reuse Manager

Born in Bellingham, Washington, Brooke Riley Hallock moved to Vermont at the age of two, and has called the Green Mountain State home ever since. A nature enthusiast, Brooke has always been drawn to animals, traveling and culture, mountains, hiking, and many other activities enjoyed in the natural environment. She currently studies Anthropology, Adventure Education, and Natural Resources Management at Green Mountain College, educating herself with respect to humankind’s connection to the earth, past, present, and future. Brooke aspires to graduate Green Mountain College in 2016 with the intellectual toolkit necessary to work for a non-profit organization, problem solving for social and environmental justice.

As the Reuse Manager, Brooke runs the Freestore and Freepo, as well as the e-waste, Terra-Cycle, and grocery bag recycling programs. The Freestore, located in the student center, offers reclaimed goods such as appliances, clothes, pictures, and books for free to students, staff, and faculty. The material comes from free boxes in the residence halls and the end-of-year Green Move Out. The Freepo, located in Pollock, offers free office supplies.

Rob Dunn
Waste Diversion Specialist

Rob is a third-year member of the waste diversion crew. His leadership has helped the waste crew thrive through three major transitions in his short time here. As a REED major, he brings a keen knowledge of design and innovative ideas for improving the system.

Chelsea Caldwell
Waste Diversion Specialist

Chelsea was raised in Augusta, Georgia, and is still adjusting to the New England region. This is her first year on the waste diversion crew. As a double major in sustainable agriculture and psychology, she hopes to use nutrition and therapeutic farm work to aid those with mental illness. When Chelsea is not too busy getting seriously injured, she enjoys hiking, exploring, and reading.

Simon James
Waste Diversion Specialist

Simon James is an active member of the Green Mountain College student body and a dedicated student. Simon has spent the past two years before attending GMC working on a timber frame and log cabin construction project and teaching environmental education on New Jersey’s official tall-masted ship the A.J. Meerwald. His interest in sustainable agriculture has led to two different summer internships on CSA organic farms. Some of Simon’s favorite hobbies are singing, playing guitar, writing songs, cooking, ultimate Frisbee, disc golf, sailing and woodworking. As a Renewable Energy and Ecological Design major, Simon is happy to be a waste diversion specialist because it is a job that gives back to the community and the earth.

Henry Feder
Waste Diversion Specialist

Henry is a first-year member of the waste diversion crew. As an Adventure Education major, Henry is a passionate climber and skier and is dedicated to sharing wild places with others. Henry also spends his time documenting landscapes and the people who play among them through stills and motion. Recreating and documenting wild places has made Henry feel responsible for protecting the environment. Henry enjoys being a waste diversion specialist because it role models responsible environmental practices for others as well as giving back to the community.

Student Sustainability Opportunities
Green Mountain College students have many opportunities to get involved in green initiatives on campus. Working for the Sustainability Office offers an opportunity to gain practical experience for those interested in the sustainability profession. Currently students are working in Green Job Corps positions managing events, communications, the Freestore, the Freepo, recycling and composting. Students also assist with STARS (Sustainability Tracking and Rating System) research and documention, website development and student management.  Interested students should visit the Sustainability Office in Terrace 125.

Project Resource Center
Many GMC students take advantage of campus support systems that enhance experiential learning about sustainability. The Sustainability Office keeps records of past student projects to create continuity and provide ideas and resources for all students. Project lists include those from Student Campus Greening Fund projects, A Delicate Balance, Service-Learning, and more!

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