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Green Job Corps

Want a work study job that makes a difference on campus? Join the Green Job Corps and promote sustainability on campus everyday!

green job corps logo The Green Job Corps aims to improve the triple bottom line at GMC: to enhance the social, economic and environmental impact of sustainability initiatives on campus and beyond. We reach out across departments and collaborate on projects that enhance campus sustainability in a holistic manner.

Positions within the Green Job Corps include Farmhands, Tour Guides, Resident Assistants, GreenMAP employees, Coffee House workers Natural Areas Crew, Tutors, Recyclers and Composters. Special management positions are available in some departments to student workers who want to improve their leadership and management skills.

Past accomplishments include the following:

  • Designing and implementing vermiculture system in the residence halls to process food waste
  • Carrying-out floor activities for annual energy-reduction challenge, Do it in the Dark
  • Decreasing paperwork & utilizing electronic mailings
  • Hosting Wild & Scenic Film Festival
  • Improving Farm Chore system to increase productivity and improve efficiency
  • Raising awareness about waste reduction through outreach efforts


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