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Climate Neutrality

In 2011, Green Mountain College became climate neutral. GMC is only the second college in the nation to achieve this goal, and the first to do it through efficiency, adoption of clean energy, and purchase of quantifiable local carbon offsets.

What is climate neutrality? In the broadest sense, it is a condition we achieve when we remove as many greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere as we emit. For a more in-depth explanation of what we count for emissions and how we count them, read our 2013 greenhouse gas inventory.

An unintended consequence of the fossil-fuel economy is an unsustainable release of greenhouse gases that have altered the earth’s climate. The challenge faced by the human race is truly global in its extent. But by taking responsibility for our behavior in our own lives and communities, we can live more mindful, sustainable lives.

Since 1995 when Green Mountain College declared its environmental mission, we have been striving to recycle, reduce, and replace. This means examining carefully how we travel, how we eat, how we heat and power our living spaces. Through active student involvement and a dedicated campus community, we continue to work to improve efficiency on campus, demonstrate new and innovative renewable technology, and learn from a rural Vermont setting how to lessen our impact on the natural environment.

Our road to climate neutrality is a story with many contributors including students, faculty, staff, government agencies, private foundations, and our friends in the Poultney and Vermont community. Strong partnerships and collaboration on sustainability projects is a key component of our experience.

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